Automated Customer Survey

Conduct valuable customer research efficiently and inexpensively

Understanding your customers and getting their feedback is an ongoing necessity. But it can be time consuming and expensive. TFCC’s Automated Customer Survey is an interactive customer messaging solution for developing and implementing customized surveys that collect customer information from any touch-tone phone. You can quickly and conveniently contact customers to measure campaign success; verify service delivery and quality assurance; gather market research; and in any other situation requiring valuable feedback from customers or even employees.

Above all, with Automated Customer Survey you always have the assurance that comes with the advanced technology, innovative solutions and unmatched customer support that have made TFCC the clear leader in the utility communications industry.

Business Benefits:

  • Immediate collection of valuable customer feedback
  • Efficient and effective
  • User friendly; accessible from any touch-tone phone
  • Quick and non-disruptive implementation