High Volume Call Answering (HVCA)

Designed to field the heavy incoming call traffic associated with power outages.

Unexpected spikes in call activity can quickly overload phone lines and overwhelm call centers.¬†The High Volume Call Answering (HVCA) system routes calls away from the utility across TFCC’s massive interactive voice response (IVR) platform. The system collects and feeds pertinent information into utilities’ outage management, customer information and workforce management systems. Not only that, it can provide estimated restoration times to customers and perform restoration verification call-backs.

With TFCC’s massive capacity,every outage call is answered while keeping your call center lines open to meet your customers’ ongoing needs without interruption.

No caller receives a busy signal, and customers immediately receive information and peace of mind. HVCA enables utilities to maintain operations and provide superior customer service — even during an emergency.

HVCA Business Benefits:

  • Improves outage detection, management, and estimation of¬†power restoration times
  • Lowers cost by automating communications
  • Minimizes the impact on your daily operations
  • Maximizes available staff
  • Provides consistent service to all callers regardless of the call volume and availability of utility agents
  • Improves customer communication and satisfaction while strengthening your brand and customer satisfaction
  • Maximizes new customer communication channels

The High Volume Call Answering solution is a key component in creating a Unified Customer Communication Strategy.

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